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Do you build year-round or do you shut down in the winter?

December 12, 20231 min read

Do you build year-round or do you shut down in the winter?

Let's just answer it right off-the-bat. Velocity Homes is a home builder that works year-round, even during the winter months. Now, it's extremely rare, especially where we tend to build the most (southern Utah), but the building process may slow down during the winter due to harsh weather conditions (if that were to even happen). For example, if the ground is frozen, it may be difficult to dig foundations or pour concrete. Similarly, if there is heavy snowfall, it may be challenging to transport building materials to the site.

Despite these challenges, Velocity Homes continues to work during the winter months. If need be, we use specialized equipment and techniques to overcome the weather-related obstacles.

The Big Plus Of Building In Winter:

But here's a big plus: building a home during the winter has some advantages. For example, depending on the weather, the demand for home building services is generally lower during the winter, which means that we have more time to focus on your project. Also, with less demand naturally comes a faster home build, comparatively.


In conclusion, we work year-round, even during the winter months. If you’re planning to build a home during the winter, it’s essential to work with an experienced builder who has the expertise and equipment to handle the weather-related obstacles, if weather permits it. Additionally, you should take steps to ensure that your home is energy-efficient and well-maintained during the winter months.

Nash Baltzer

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